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drinktec is the platform for world premieres and new developments. Exhibitors from around the world present their innovations here.

To make it easier for you and other visitors to find these innovations and experience them live at the exhibitors' stands, for the first time ever, drinktec is offering an Innovation Guide in 2017.

Benefits for visitors:

  • Innovative strength at its best: You find the exhibitors who have innovations for your applications.

  • Exclusively for app users: The only visitors who profit from this offer are those who are "live" at the fair and who use the app.

  • Impetus for your business: drinktec is the platform for world premieres and new developments. Take advantage of its entire potential. Give your business a boost and let yourself be inspired.

  • Experience new dimensions: drinktec is a source of momentum to the industry. The Innovation Guide sets new standards.

drinktec 2017 Innovation Guide

  • The Innovation Guide is part of the drinktec App. As soon as you enter the exhibition halls, the innovation entries of the exhibitors in that hall are sent to your smartphone.
  • That gives you an overview of the exhibitors' latest developments—which you can experience directly at their stands.

Enter innovations As an exhibitor, you enter the innovations that will be on display at drinktec.

Innovation Guide

1. Exhibitors enter innovations
Exhibitors enter the innovations that they will display at drinktec.

Innovation Guide

2. Innovation tours
The app shows you innovation tours on a hall diagram so you can see which exhibitors have an innovation for your area of interest.

Innovation Guide

3. Learn what's new—Live at the fair, exclusively for visitors
The only way you can use the app to get more details about a specific innovation and experience it at the exhibitor's stand is to enter the hall!