Scanjet Systems launches a ‘brewery special’ tank cleaning machine

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New tank cleaning machine, especially designed for the brewery sector, will be launced at Drinktec 2017 by Scanjet Systems

Scanjet Systems launches a ‘brewery special’ tank cleaning machine

Scanjet, a leading supplier of advanced tank cleaning products and systems, has today announced a new addition to their range of tank cleaning jets.  Premiering at the drinks industry trade show Drinktec 2017 in Munich this September, the new product, Bio 25B, has been designed specifically with the brewery process in mind, and as such is the first of its kind.

In normal use, a tank cleaning jet sits inside a tank and is used to spray water or other cleaning liquids to clean the tank’s interior surfaces, and needless to say the Bio 25B also performs that job exceedingly well.  But what makes the Bio 25B different and uniquely suited for brewing is its ability also to run dry for short periods, to blow air or other gases into the brewing tanks.  This function is useful in many ways, for example in blowing sterile air into the brewery fermentation tank to force out the CO2 in the tank before starting the cleaning process.  This has the major benefit of avoiding chemical reaction of CO2 with cleaning agents, which would otherwise dilute the effectiveness of the detergents used and reduce the cleaning efficiency.  Additionally, after the cleaning process is finished and before the new brewing cycle starts, the tank can be pressurised by blowing air into it through the Bio 25B.

Currently in order to achieve the same functionality, a separate gas handling system is required, which presents its own operational and maintenance problems, not to mention extra cost.  Using the Bio 25B can therefore reduce the financial investment as well as simplifying operations.

The Bio 25B was developed in collaboration with Handtmann Armaturenfabrik, a leading manufacturer of tank top plates for breweries.

The Bio 25B has already been successfully piloted at a number of breweries, and will be available to the brewing sector worldwide through Scanjet Systems and their global network of partners starting in Q4-2017.

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