New valve increases output in beverage production by 300 percent

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At Drinctec 2017, KM Rustfri A/S is launching a new valve for use in beverage production that enables beverage manufacturers to mix soft drinks and beers directly in the bottling line. This leaves more tanks for actual production, which increases output up to 300 percent. The valve is part of the Hydract system and is already in use in Carlsberg breweries.

“Beverage manufacturers like breweries often mix different kinds of fluids to make the final product. Normally, this is done in tanks to ensure the correct mixture proportions. Using our new valve, the manufacturers have total control over the amounts of fluids going up and downstream, which makes it safe to mix products in the bottling line,” says René Holm, Sales Manager at KM Rustfri A/S.

Retrofit to existing production line

The new valve is part of the Hydract system that KM Rustfri A/S has developed. According to René Holm, beverage manufacturers can retrofit Hydract and the new valve into existing piping systems and achieve the 300 percent increased output right away.

“When moving the mixing process to the bottling line, the tanks normally used for mixing can be used for other purposes like e.g. fermentation. This increases capacity and the final output will rise,” explains René Holm.

Water secures pressure

Traditionally, beverage manufacturers will use air valves in piping systems to control the products flowing through. The new valve from KM Rustfri A/S uses water hydraulics, which makes it able to withstand higher pressure.

“With air valves, we can secure a pressure of 10 to 12 bars, but using water hydraulics we can withstand a pressure of 50 bars, which is what makes us able to control the amounts of fluids going both downstream and upstream,” says René Holm and continues:

“Furthermore, this increases food safety because we ensure that the final product is not mixed with e.g. detergents by mistake and that there is no residue in the valve.”

Implemented by Carlsberg

KM Rustfri A/S started developing Hydract in 2008. Since the beginning, Carlsberg has been part of the development by testing the system and recently, Carlsberg has implemented KM Rustfri’s system and the new valve in their running production.

“Carlsberg has really embraced this technology, which is currently in use in their zip lines. In the future, Carlsberg plan to implement Hydract and the new valve when they build new or update facilities,” says René Holm.

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