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By virtue of its patented Karma Push Cap, Karma Probiotics is shelf-stable. No refrigeration required. This delivers many benefits to retailers and consumers. At DRINKTEC this patented innovation, available for license, is shown for the first time in Hall A2, Booth 551.

Push Cap By KarmaCap

Provides a Fresh Way to Infuse Nutrients

Breakthrough packaging designed with fitness in mind



Pittsford, N.Y., July 11, 2017—The KarmaCap was first introduced in 2011 as the breakthrough component of Karma Wellness Water, a natural and nutrient-enhanced addition to the beverage industry promoting wellness by delivering unprecedented levels of undiluted vitamins.

Almost immediately following its release, KarmaCap was approached by a diverse contingent of companies interested in using the patented “Push Cap” design for their individual aims. The Push Cap is a delivery system that can infuse either powdered or liquid ingredients into almost any substance.  While Karma Wellness Water uses the Push Cap to infuse “fresh-squeezed” vitamins into spring water, there are countless potential applications.  Beyond vitamins, the prospective uses for the Push Cap include workout formulas, nutrient supplements, immunity boosting extras and weight loss additives encompassing any composite of superfoods, probiotics, amino acids, fibers, and/ or proteins. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Moreover, the cap allows infusion of these ingredients into practically any liquid – including but not limited to – water, juices, tea, coffee, etc. 

The impact of Push Cap technology has the potential to reach beyond mainstream beverages. In fact, KarmaCap is currently in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies. Company CEO CJ Rapp has recently stated that this collaboration could yield the world’s first ready-to-drink over the counter (OTC) beverage within the calendar year. This development has the capacity to revolutionize the oral consumption of OTC pharmaceuticals. With the Push Cap, active ingredients are mixed only seconds before consumption, the ramifications of which are substantial: the Push Cap facilitates portion control and the ability to separate ingredients that are not shelf-stable. 

The Push Cap allows the infusion of fresh ingredients with a dynamic interactive consumer experience and the healthcare industry has taken notice.  Nearly 10% of the general population suffers from dysplasia, a difficulty swallowing pills.  This ailment becomes more pronounced with age and illness. Thus, the option to “drink wellness” fulfills a very significant need in healthcare.   

In addition, the Push Cap by KarmaCap delivers significant advantages over its competitors, including:

  • Seeing is believing. The consumer can actually see the powdered additives in the Push Cap, so they are assured that the purported nutrients are there.
  • Just peel, push, and shake. The Push Cap is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. Simply peel back the protective seal, push down on the Push Cap, and shake the bottle to mix the drink.
  • The freshness is sealed. The Push Cap is the only dispensing cap with a hermetic seal that maximizes quality, freshness, and performance. The cap and seal are durable, standing up to extreme temperatures, exposure to light, and shock from loading, unloading, and transportation.
  • More of the good stuff. The Push Cap holds up to six times more additives than competing brands, thus delivering great taste and optimal potency. “People are trying very hard to take responsibility and make the right choices when it comes to their health,” adds Rapp. “Our goal was to develop a cap that allows a beverage to deliver both substance and style.”For more information about KarmaCap, visit
  • The Push Cap is made of recyclable material, and its design and production are FDA approved with statistical quality control that meets Six Sigma standards.
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