STRRD®: Create your own taste

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Create and enjoy your own Radler, Flavoured rum, Flavoured Cola and any other drink.

STRRD®: Create your own taste

You order a cup of coffee and the waiter already added the milk and sugar?! Or you order a cup of tea and the waiter decided to randomly add a tea-bag and sugar to your tea, without asking.
Strange, isn't it?

Taste of pleasure
That is wat STRRD is about. We want to give consumers the freedom of taste by adding and dosing flavours to, for example, spirits, soft-drinks, beer, coffee, ice-cream, salads and more. Consumers can create their own flavoured rum, Radler, cherry cola, etc.

More brand awareness
STRRD can create huge attention to existing brands. By using STRRD (as a private label) added to their products, the consumer takes more time to use it, thinks and talks about it.
So STRRD is the product that will bring brand awareness and up-sales together.

Up-sales, cross-selling and merchandise
It has been a proven success of previous projects with up-sales of 10% (wheat beer) up to 30% (hot chocolate milk) and the revenues of cross-selling STRRD. This was during the STRRD 1.0 model. Almost 40% of the consumers took the spoon with them as a gadget which resulted in extra brand awareness.

Variable bottom and private logo on STRRD
The bottom of the product can be created with a spoon, stirrer, muddler, fork, your own icon or idea.
At the topside of the product, the logo or any other name can be embossed.

Flavour options
STRRD products can contain liquids or dry goods. Flavours are always custom made and, if you wish, co-created with the company’s flavours supplier.

So, we want to stir up the beverages industry and give consumers what they want: freedom of taste!

Think outside the bottle (in stead of the box)
The owner of Stirred B.V., Frans Sanders, has a background in the beer industry, were he experienced that the F&B industry is mostly thinking about what should be in their bottle/box. “I motivate brandmanagers, marketeers and sales managers in the F&B industry to think outside their bottle, the new out of the box. This makes their world bigger and will eventually result in what consumers really want and makes them more aware of the heritage of the basic product”.  

Meaning of STRRD
STRRD is derived from the English word Stirred which is most likely known from James Bond’s (007) famous saying “shaken not stirred”. Of course the product STRRD will reverse the sentence into “Stirred not Shaken”. 😉


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