Make the contact to qualified visitors of drinktec 2021 easier by using the Matchmaking-Tool.

With Matchmaking you have the possibility to publish in advance your available appointments for the trade fair and also to organize your already arranged appointments.

How to use your Matchmaking-account in few steps:
  1. Generate your basic-account.
  2. Select your Matchmaking criteria.
  3. Choose your match option (fast-matches/extended matches).
  4. Get the list of matches, which fits to you.
  5. Create individual memory lists and arrange appointments.

Activate your free of charge Matchmaking-account und get automatically your login details to profit from useful business contacts and professional matches. In addition to your free of charge basic-account there are further options available to optimize your Matchmaking.

Do you have any questions to the new Matchmaking-tool? Please do not hesitate to contact our official media partner:

Phone +49 201 36547-201