The success story of drinktec

drinktec today—Global leader and much-loved forum

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drinktec started out as a brewing trade fair, today it is the world's leading trade fair for beverage and liquid food technology. For decades this event has gone from success to success. Always adapting to market developments, and that has been reflected also in the changes to its name.

Today drinktec is very much the No. 1 event for the industry worldwide—both as regards exhibitors and visitors. Many of our customers have grown along with drinktec—and through all those years they have kept faith with drinktec. drinktec is deeply rooted in the sector it serves. It is more than a trade fair, it is very close to the heart of its participants.

The extension of the product index of drinktec to include liquid food and ingredients, and the inclusion of new formats such as the Innovation Flow Lounge put drinktec right at the forefront of developments in the industry. Segments such as soft drinks and wine are coming ever more to the fore and creative beverages concepts and ideas are playing an ever more important role.

In response to the dramatic growth in PET packaging, drinktec introduced PETpoint in 2005, a separate section of the exhibition dedicated to PET technology.

As the only trade fair of its kind, drinktec today covers all segments. Tradition and innovation—that's what drinktec stands for.

In parallel with the extension to its content and coverage, drinktec was given a new look in 2005. The color orange became the brand identifier and the drinktec “flow” symbol continues to symbolize the dynamism and innovations strength of this go-ahead industry.

At the same time we began to build up a worldwide network of trade fairs for the industry, so that in the intervening years between drinktec events, we could offer a presence in all the key international markets: in India with drink technology India, in China with China Brew China Beverage, in Africa with food & drink technology Africa and in Brazil with BrasilBrau.

1989–2001: drinktec-interbrau

drinktec-interbrau poster 2001 Poster for drinktec-interbrau 2001

Between 1989 and 2001, drinktec took place under the name of “drinktec-interbrau”, reflecting its brewery focus. Beer was then still dominant, but water and above all soft drinks were starting to catch up. Mixed drinks, too, in many different variations, were beginning to take off globally. Many exhibitors at drinktec geared up to these developments and increasingly they were presenting cross-application technologies for the production of a range of different beverages.

The increasing popularity of mixed drinks also extended to milk, milk-based and yoghurt-based drinks. So, in 2001, we extended the product range of drinktec to include liquid food.

drinktec was also gaining in importance as a platform for exchange between research and industry. In order to give independent experts and the trade audience an opportunity to get more closely involved, we began the forums program in 2001. Today, in these forums, held right in the middle of the trade exhibition, experts from all over the world deliver lectures on themes that affect the future. But drinktec has now moved beyond just reflecting industry themes, it is helping to shape them—and as such it has become an innovations barometer for the sector.

1964–1984: Interbrau

Poster for interbrau 1977 Poster for interbrau 1977

Brewery exhibitions have a long tradition in Munich: they date back to the 19th century. Today's drinktec has its roots in the 1950s, when the event premiered under the name of “Deutsche Brauerei Ausstellung” (German Breweries Exhibition). Back then the exhibition took place every six or seven years. In 1964 the name was shortened to interbrau. This expressed also the increasing international character of the event and kept the clear reference to the main focus of brewing and beer. In 1985 a four-year event cycle was introduced, and that continues to this day. It perfectly matches the innovations cycle within the industry.