drinktec visitor online survey

What are the key themes in the beverage and liquid food industry—now and in the future? What are the themes for which visitors to drinktec come looking for solutions and exhibitors? What are the questions and challenges that most concern the sector?

drinktec has asked its visitors. And 1,429 experts from the beverage and liquid food industry – 52% of whom are based outside Germany – have taken the time to complete our online survey.

We will be using the results to help us further optimize the “matching”, the bringing together of exhibitors and visitors. So, taking part in drinktec will be even more efficient and targeted for you. That is our goal and our promise.

What is the benefit for you as an exhibitor?

  • Find out what your customers are interested in and what concerns them!
  • Adapt your presentation and communication at the show to match!
  • Make use of our new solutions directory for drinktec 2017, as a way of getting the message out about your solutions!
  • Grow your list of contacts and potential customers!
1. Solution themes and trends

1.1 Interest in solution themes

Interest on solution themes

1.2 Interest in solution themes “Product safety and hygiene”

Product safety and hygiene

(Multiple selections possible)

1.3 Interest in solution themes “Cost-effectiveness”


1.4 Interest in solution themes "Engery and resource efficiency"

Energy and resource efficiency

1.5 Interest in solution themes “Packaging and packaging materials”

Packaging and packaging materials

1.6 Interest in solution themes "Integrated solutions"

All-in-one solutions

1.7 Interest in solutions themes “Ingredients”


1.8 Interest in solution themes “Marketing and POS solutions"

Marketing and POS solutions

2. Structure of respondents

2.1 Business activity / Focus delivery market

Business activity / Focus delivery market

2.2 Company size

Company size

2.3 Decision level

Decision level

2.4 Duties


2.5 Origin – regional distribution


Source: drinktec visitor survey, conducted by Rich Harvest mindline group

Status: September 2016